The Wang Lab
at the University of Pennsylvania

focuses on the genetics and genomics of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, and informatics and algorithm development for genome-scale experiments.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal (ADVP): The Newest Curated Population-specific Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Resource

By Fernanda Ruiz, NOVA Research Company Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a devastating disease that affects more...
Alexis Lerro

PNGC Co-Director Li-San Wang to Present at the 2021 NIH Alzheimer’s Research Summit

The NIH will host their 2021 Alzheimer’s Research Summit April 19-22. This virtual summit will convene...
Carlos Thomas

Lauren Kleidermacher Receives Thouron Award

University of Pennsylvania senior and PNGC undergraduate researcher Lauren Kleidermacher was awarded the Thouron Award to...


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Nature Communications

Common variants in Alzheimer's disease and risk stratification by polygenic risk scores

de Rojas, I., et al.
Scientific Reports

Reconcile the debate over protective effects of BCG vaccine against COVID-19

Fu, W., et al.

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NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site (NIAGADS) is a genetics data repository set up...


NIA Coordinating Genome Center of Alzheimer’s Disease (GCAD) is a five-year/$10.8M U54 Cooperative Agreement/Specialized Center funded...


The Asian Cohort for Alzheimer’s Disease (ACAD) is an international collaboration with the goal of compiling...