Past Lab Members

  1. Wei Fu (Postdoctoral Researcher)
  2. Omkar Pathak (Application Developer)
  3. Brittany Caramanna (Research Coordinator)
  4. Mounica Sreedhara (Data Analyst)
  5. Chia-Lun Liu, PhD. (Postdoctoral Researcher)
  6. Carlos Thomas (Research Coordinator)
  7. Elisabeth Mlynarski, Ph.D. (Senior Research Investigator, now at Janssen Research and Development)
  8. Yi-Fan Chou (Bioinformatician, now at Illumina)
  9. Lauren Kleidermacher (Undergraduate Researcher, will attend Oxford University)
  10. Briana Vogel (Research Coordinator, now at MITRE)
  11. Conor Klamann (Web Developer, now at University of Toronto)
  12. Chien-Yueh Lee, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Researcher, will be an assistant professor in Taiwan)
  13. Matthew Conery (GCB rotation)
  14. Han-Jen Lin (Application Developer)
  15. Ryan Martinez (Undergraduate Researcher)
  16. Kai Teh Tzeng (Graduate research assistant / with Shin-Yi Chou, Lehigh University)
  17. Jenea Adams (GCB rotation)
  18. Alex Amlie-Wolf (GCB Ph.D. Ph.D., now at Arrakis therapeutics)
  19. Abha Belorkar, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral researcher, will become a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science, Temple University)
  20. Rhea Bhatta, Ph.D. (Data Analyst)
  21. Caiyi Zhong (Database Administrator)
  22. Chi-Yun Wu (GCB rotation)
  23. Micah Childress (Programmer Analyst)
  24. Rebecca Cweibel (Research Coordinator, now a member of the Online Learning Initiative office at Penn)
  25. Weixin Wang (Postdoc, now at Veritas Genetics)
  26. Barry Slaff (PhD student, UPenn CIS)
  27. Mitchell Tang (Undergraduate Researcher, now an Associate at Boston Consulting Group)
  28. Mugdha Khaladkar (Data Analyst Sr., now a Computational Biologist at GSK)
  29. Sven J. van der Lee (Visiting Scholar, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  30. Yih-Chii Hwang (GCB Ph.D., co-advised with Brian Gregory, winner of 2014 ASHG Epstein Trainee Award, now a bioinformatician at DNAnexus)
  31. Tianyan Hu (Postdoc, now an Assistant Professor at Florida International University School of Public Health)
  32. Dawn Alessandrine (Administrative Assistant)
  33. Dan Laufer (Research Coordinator, now master student in UPenn CIT program)
  34. Paul Ryvkin (GCB Ph.D., now at 10X Genomics)
  35. Fan Li (GCB Ph.D., co-advised with Brian Gregory, winner of Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Dissertation, now a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles)
  36. Alexey Nefedov (Postdoc; now a Senior Bioinformatician at Merck)
  37. Kajia Cao (Postdoc; now a Bioinformatics Scientist at the Division of Genomic Diagnostics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
  38. Mi Ryung Han (Research specialist; now an Assistant Professor at The Catholic University of Korea)
  39. Chiao-Feng Lin (Postdoc/Data Analyst Sr.; Now a Senior Bioinformatician at Partners HealthCare)
  40. Steve Hershman (Undergraduate researcher; Senior Bioinformatics Software Developer at LifeMap Solutions)
  41. Rui Tong (Programmer Analyst; Now at Penn Memory Center)
  42. Mitchell Tang (Undergraduate researcher, now at Boston Consulting Group)
  43. Adrian Wu (Undergraduate visiting student, Tamkang University)
  44. John Malamon (Data Analyst Sr.)
  45. Fanglin Lu (Graduate researcher)
  46. Sameer Soi (GCB graduate rotation)
  47. Srujan Peddapaidi (Undergraduate researcher)
  48. Shu-Kai Chang (Research associate; now at Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  49. Aleah Fox (GCB graduate rotation)
  50. Serena Dollive (GCB graduate rotation)
  51. Xin Chen (Undergraduate researcher, graduated)
  52. Rahul Venkateshwara (Undergraduate researcher)
  53. Ainesh Ravi (Undergraduate researcher)
  54. Salika Dunatunga (GCB graduate rotation)
  55. Katie Siewert (GCB graduate rotation)
  56. Ying Chen (GCB graduate student, rotation)
  57. Jackie Meisel (GCB graduate rotation)
  58. Daniel Hwang (Bioengineering graduate student)
  59. Eun Ji Kim (Research assistant; now at PGFI sequencing center)
  60. Varun Aggarwala (CIS rotation student; now GCB student)
  61. Brian Cole (CAMB graduate rotation)
  62. Avinash Maganty (Undergraduate researcher; now at Cornell medical school)
  63. Yi Di Wu (Undergraduate researcher)