Genome Center of Alzheimer’s Disease (GCAD)

NIA Coordinating Genome Center of Alzheimer’s Disease (GCAD) is a five-year/$10.8M U54 Cooperative Agreement/Specialized Center funded by NIA (U54-AG052427) to facilitate AD gene discovery by coordinating analysis of all AD-relevant data. GCAD will assemble all data generated by the Alzheimer’s Disease Sequence Project (ADSP) from both the Discovery Phase and the Follow-Up Phase, and all data from non-ADSP sources.

GCAD consists of three cores:

  • Administrative (Core A);
  • Data Management, Harmonization, and Information Transfer Core (Core B);
  • Biostatistics and Data Analysis Core (Core C).

GCAD will:

  • Create and support a collaborative network of all GCAD, ADSP, RFA AG16002, and other AD genetics investigators;
  • Harmonize all genetic and phenotype data and fully annotate all variants;
  • Design all harmonization and annotation protocols, and plan and implement analysis for all data;
  • Broadly distribute primary data, harmonized annotated analysis-ready files, and analyses results including depositing appropriate data into qualified access databases [National Institute on Aging Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Storage site (NIAGADS) and database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP)].